20th May

We started the day at about 9. Booked out, left our backpacks at the hotel and went on to search for the Yerebatan Sarnici (Basillica Cistern), a place we forgoed the 1st day, seeing the snaking queue waiting for entry into the place. Admission fee was 10 lira. The place was as haunting/eerie as it was splendid. The high ceiling coupled with placid water combined spectacularly as we toured the area. I can’t help but wondered in my mind, what happened millenias ago, as the Romans used the place as fishing grounds, and after that the many other dynasties and empires who were witnesses to it. Did they preserve it, neglected it or used it just as how the Romans used it?

After that, we searched for the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art (admission fee was 5 lira). It was furnished with a whole load of items from the Seljuk, Ottoman, Safavid and even even much earlier Greek paraphernalia. It was really beautiful and I think the pictures speak for themselve. We then proceeded to have our dinner, again, wonderful Turkish cuisine (Tavuk doner). We hung around at the Sultanahmet area (near Aya Sofya and Blue Mosque) and waited for the the noon call to prayer, which was about 1 plus P.M. It was not as nice as the muezzins the day before, but it was stil surreal to her multiple calls booming over so large an area. Again, I wondered how it may have been like during the early Ottoman period, how traders and talents from all over the world, were greeted by these call to prayers.

Next, we decided to search for the Mehmet Pasha mosque and also the Theodosius Cistern (in its full glory before any restoration in the scale of the Basillica and Benderbia was done. And in finding Theodosius, we got magnificently but fortunately lost. Why so because, in our time at Istanbul, we walked ALL the way, at quite a breakneck pace too. We got int0 areas which we may not have even go to if we had got it right. We saw a multitude of all buildings, some in its haggard victorious glory, some churning out kids who dolled the cobbled roads playing ball or catch. It was a great experience. We detoured a lot of times though, trying to find the (as we soon found out) not so obvious Theodosius Cistern, which as it turned out was under a modern building. It was indeed, like it said in our travel book, not fully fully restored and not as expansive as the basillica cistern.

Next, we decided to walk to Beyazit Mosque, which was in the same vicinity as Istanbul University and the Calligraphy Museum (unfortunately it closes at 1600hrs) We then followed this by goin to the Sulemineye Mosque and the Yeni Cami (the New Mosque). For the former it was the mosque built for the Kanuni Sultan Suleiman, or better known in the west as Suleiman the Magnificent. At the mosque to was entombed Sulaiman and several other members of the Ottoman nobility. Actually felt overwhelmed standing in the same room as one of the great figures of pax Ottomanica and possibly the Islamic world.

All in all, the day was one of exploration, discovery and most of all, of tired legs. That night, we then took an overnight bus to Cappadocia.

21st – Cappadocia

Places visited: Goreme Open air Museum/ Uchisar Castle/ Rose Valley (to watch the sunset)

22nd – Cappadocia Tours

1) Caravansarai – This was a place where the 13th Century Seljuk Turks, predecessors of the Ottoman Empire, provided housing along the uber long Silk Road. The Seljuk Turks, with linkages from the great Salahuddin Ayub, were highly tolerant Muslims, who preached co-existence with its non-Muslim counterparts. The caravansarai was one such example, where traders/pilgrims, Muslims and non-Muslims were most welcomed

2) Selime Monastery: It was a Christian monastery but made in the name of the Muslim Seljuk Sultans, who were sort of their patrons

3) Ihlara Valley (3km trek)

– Saint Daniel’s Church: carved from within the rocks of the valley
– Belisirme: where we had our lunch

4) Derinkyulu Underground City: It was believed that the Hittites, who lived around 4000 A.D, used this tediously created cities made from within the soils and rock of the earth to escape from its enemies. The tour guide mentioned too that while 36 cities had been discovered, only 10 were restored and it was believed that around 150 more underground cities are yet to be found.

What was most interesting about this tour however was the people that we met. There was this Zoroastrian couple ( a religion which at its heyday had millions of believers to its present day number which is about 200, 000) The guys name was Eric and both of them were Indian but were from the U.S. And the lady was HOT. hahaha… Anyway, I got to know more about the couple’s religion, which had its roots in pre-Islamic Persia. He mentioned on how the numbers were quickly decimated by the arrival of Islam in Persia, where some had to renounce their religion in the face of oppression while some did it willingly. Then they were the Japanese ladies, Naiko and Akiko and our jovial tour guide Saneb. And of course 2 nice ladies from Canada, already in their retirement age, who shared their life experience with us.

23rd: Selcuk – Ephesus

1) Car ride to Meryemana temple where I saw my Christian/Catholic friends weeping inside the church where Maryam was believed to have lived at

2) Ephesus – The great ruins of ancient Greece, where after the visit, David, with his penchant for walking, convinced us to walk via the peach garden all the way until we reach Selcuk; and my it was a really great experience.

3) Grotto of the Seven Sleepers

4) Isabey Cami

24th: Selcuk-Ephesus

1) St. John’s Basillica and Chuch, which overlooked the Isabey Cami
– the thing I remember most about this place was our chance encounter with a Turkish breakfast called Meneman and how I grew to love it so much until I ate it 3 times over 2 days. Am still trying to find the right mix and ingredients to make the exact same Meneman that I tasted

2) Ayasuluk fortress, where for some time, has been closed and can only be seen from the St John’s Basillica

3) Ephesus Museum
At this museum, I was surrounded by a group of students (maybe pri 6 or Sec 1) and they talked to me in Turkish, and as I tried my darndest to decipher, I could make it the words FI and Singapore. Then one of the kids, who had firstly, early on told his friends that I wasnt Japanese, after which I followed up by saying that I was Muslim and greeting them with a salam. This same kid then talked to me in the toilet and then bringing his other male friends, said Assalamualaikum, to which I responded by slowly moving out, as we were in the toilet before replying to him. Then they asked in unison my name, before they introduced theirs. Soon, the rest crowded around me and asked my name. Their teachers tried hard to usher them out of the museum. Hurriedly, each one of them shook my hands, smiling widely before rushing off to the calls of their teachers.

Even in this place, this far away land, the feeling of being one single ummah stands. The Islam the Turkish practice, though certain parts of it differ, the idea still remains the same. It was the same with the caretaker from Isabey Mosque and the same for several other experiences.

After the museum, Liwen decided to go back to the hotel (where David and Jasmine was resting at) and I choose instead to walk around Selcuk for myself and visit the Saturday market.

It was the first for me, walking around in Turkey on my own, and I did that for a good hour plus. And it was a fine experience indeed. Walking among the throngs of shoppers amidst the rows of stalls selling foodstuffs, kitchenware and clothings. It was a nice stroll, observing the behaviour of its people and the bustling of the market. Selcuk is a quaint town with a seductive rustic charm. The chillouts at Selcuk Koftecisi (wonderful food) yesterday and afterwards at Isabey Cami at night and the wonderful Meneman breakfasts were highlights indeed and this walk is a fitting end to my experience in Selcuk-Ephesus.


Who are you?
The majestic warriors of a time long past
Or dysfunctional rabbles of a thousand nations

Who are you?
The sweeping tide of magnificent conquests
Or the new byword for retreat abound

Who are you?
A people rich in knowledge and morality
Or a people abound only in riches, gold and perceived glory

Who are you?
Makers of your own destiny
Or puppets clothed in red, white and blue

Who are you?
The chosen people of our faith
Or people who think that they are chosen

Who are you?
Protectors of the fairer species
Or progenitors of bias derived from your own culture
masked as tenets of our faith

Who are you?
Lost in the visions of past grandeur
Or blinded by the misplaced feeling of present superiority

If this faith is made as such, of a piety based on your ethnicity
Of the elevation of one group over another, then you have every right to lay your claim

Unfortunately it is not..

So who are you? Really??

I appreciate the sincere comment made in a laidback manner from a friend at my open house a few days ago. Usually how I react towards an opinion is recourse to the way it was articulated and the tone that was used. For that, I appreciate this thoughtful, albeit problematic definition on what it means to step on toes.

I begin thus with a mini allegory for the topic at hand:

Give me one person who claim that I’ve stepped on their toes and I’ll give you one fantabalous reason on why I did so.

Alamak puan, saya cakap pun bukan tersalah cakap, memang sengaja. Ada tujuannya. Kalau tak boleh tahan panas, janganlah nak main dengan api. Awak ada pendapat, takkan lah saya tak boleh ada juga kan. Awak nak ugut, tak akan saya tunduk aje kan.

Give me one reasonable example that points to gross injustice on my part and I’ll show one instant from which I admitted my mistake and apologised accordingly.

Dia rasa dia betul, aku pun rasa aku betul, tetapi dah berapa banyak kali aku minta maaf  dahulu walaupun aku rasa dua dua sama salah.

Give me one instant of individuals getting unreasonably vocal because of the numbers they have, and I’ll give you a response that systematically destroys their argument.

Ada orang kita ini bersifat berpuak-puak, takde pendapat sendiri, nak membuntut aje. Alamak belajar tinggi tinggi pun tak tahu fikir sendiri ke?

Give me one individual who studies and scrutinises the source of a gossip and I’ll give the person the plaudits he/she deserves.

‘Alamak ko tau kan si budak tu, kawan aku cakap dia sombong, abis abrasif pula tu. Ko tengok ah.’  
Alamak tuan, tak tau kenal orang itu sendiri dulu ke. Kenapa belum kenal, tapi action macam da lama kenal? Da dewasa pun nak main permainan budak-budak?

As it is with life, I know full well the value that these limited individuals bring.
Absolutely nothing.
Kalau menilai sebelum berkenalan, apakah gunanya?
Kalau hendak mengugut untuk mempengaruhi yang lain, cubalah, kita lihat siapa yang lebih kuat pengaruhnya.
Saya pilih teman2 rapat dengan amat teliti sekali, bukan yang pak turut, bukan yang cetek pemikirannya.
Saya pijak kaki orang pun biasanya kerana memang patut pun.

We react accordingly to situations, blending the laissez faire approach, with a democratic one, and if needs be with a dictatorial style.

All my life, in events/scenario that I have had the honour of managing, I never had a problem garnering support or earning the trust of my friends or committee members. If I wantonly, stepped on toes, warts and all, then I would not have achieved what I did thus far.

So you see my friend, my ego is such that it does not impinge on my ability to admit mistakes or to apologise if I’m wrong; my ego is my prejudice against inefficiency, hypocrisy, limited clout in opinion and the absence of responsibility. And I make no qualms of giving these people a piece of my mind. So I apologise if such a stand is termed as stepping on people’s toes. I apologise too if I sound pompous, but this is my right of articulation.

I normally adopt a democratic and laid back approach in my professional and personal dealings, but if some wish to highlight the instant of aggression, then I encourage you to look at the situation as a whole, find out more about the accuracy of the perspective, and the trajectory and history of my actions.

Do I have time to be affected by childish games that some people play? No

The time to want to strive to be liked by all has long gone.
A close friend one said: for people of strong character, you either love them or hate them, and beyond that reasonable doubt you have much more going for you than against you.

Give me a cubicle of naysayers and I’ll show you a hall of rational thinkers. Give me a narrow viewpoint, I’ll give you a view from the skies.

Give me a learned and well thought out judgment and I’ll give you a response that befits your regality.

Give me the sincerest of efforts and I’ll give you my unwavering hand in friendship.

This week I thought long and hard on the many deadlines on my mind.

Of the next set of contingencies that my GESL group Edsynergy has to implement to prop up our flailing efforts at marketing and on what we could do to still realise our goal of planning for that uber costly Night Cycling event.

Of the 3 presentations that I have a few days ago, on Wednesday, worrying as hell on how I might perform.

Leading to that day too, I had decided to help that nascent Malay NIE body after, as a representative for my cohort, I did not appear for the past 3 meetings. I thought long and hard about that decision, but I guess I feel that I still have that last spurt of drive left. The jadedness of 3 plus years of service in NUS wasnt as lasting as I thought.

Thus wednesday Hell grew heavier as I added the role of event manager to the 3 presentations. Once it ended, there was relief, joy and a bit of annoyance, but respite came only post Friday, for there was still the issue of the 2500 essay that needs to be churned out.

Circa, Friday, after a Thursday of research and content formulation, I end the exhausting week, looking forward to the long weekend ahead. BUT I can’t help but get annoyed at the chronic unreliability of some individuals.

I think when one does group work, one has to realise that the word group in the term implies the awareness of reliability and the acknowledgement of the presence of other individuals. In you giving work of primary school quality and creating deadlines that are hours, or even days after the agreed group deadline, YOU not only make the work of the group and its consolidator harder, but you impinge on their ability to work on their other assignments.

If it was up to me, I would have let you compile things, or give work equally instead of giving you less important parts because of the precariousness of your reliability. And when I heard that you were confronted with the individuals from another of your group, in my heart, I said ‘Hell Yeah, it has been sometime coming.’ That joy was fleeting and changed to sympathy as I felt that in your moment of sorrow, you might need someone to put things into perspective in a more civilised way, just in case you are still oblivious to the fact that many, and I mean many, are cringing with discomfort at the thought of you even if they have never worked with you before.

I guess my phases approach did not have to come to its code red. Those strong emails/smses did not have to lead to a verbal rendering of your incapacity for responsible behaviour. Funny how that even though Ive worked much more with you and also had to pick up more slack from you, the other group who was more fortunate in not having to see you as much was the first one to break.

I just hope you learn from this episode and step up your game, cos I am beginning be weary at the sight of you, a disgrace to our profession, and a good reference point for those who are prejudiced against the quality of Malay teachers. Please, I beg of you. It is not for our sake, but for yours.

I flipped through the pages of that recently developed photo album, chronicling a minuscule of the life I led in the halcyon NUS years. And within the minuscule of photos, randomly and ‘judiciously’ selected among thousands of others, lay another microcosm depicting a group of friends that has, for a time stayed in contact even as our lives change, even as friends come and go.

Lest we forget, that this endeavour needs continuous effort, and at the very basic that modicum of cooperation from every entity within tha circle.

Lest we forget, that even though the friendship may span almost a decade, basic courtesy is still very much welcomed

Lest we forget, that if one contextualises a situation, any individual would appreciate that dash of responsibility and decency

Put yourself in the planner’s shoes, lest years of friendship lulls you into an amnesiac stupor from where the belief of the basic minimum would suffice

Lest we forget, we climb hills upon hills, we tighten knots that from time to time become loose through inaction

Lest we forget, we are critical not for criticality sake, but to problematise for a solution

If strong words do not make us understand, then perhaps this humble allegory would. And if this does not work, then I do not know what else could

Tis thankless endeavour…

Lest we forget…

Kita in wira perkasa
Berpedati, berseni,
Keris berjampi,
Tuah idolaku,
Jebat wiraku

Datang si ferringi,
Tuah menghilangkan diri,
Jebat dah lama mati
Keris pusaka berentap bedilan pemusnah,
Hancur berderai hidup merdeka

Kita bangga era tamadun Tuah,
Zaman keemasan tiada lawannya,
Tetapi mengapa tuan sentiasa sembunyi,
Dibelakang tabir gemilang Melaka?
Adakah sama agungnya kita kini dengan yang lama?
Kalau hanya bergayut pada sejarah, nak lihat realiti bila pula?

Kita juangkan bahasa,
Kita pertahankan budaya,
Kita ada banyak yang boleh dibangga,
Bahasa yang telah bertahan bermillenia lamanya,
Empayar Srivijaya, Majapahit, Riau dan Melaka,
Tapi apa gunanya semua, jika ketua-ketuamu kini indah khabar dari rupa,
Seperti Mahmud Shah ketika jatuh petaka

Di kota Singa ada mentri,
Ke sana sini dipelawa pergi,
Impian ingin menakluk dunia,
Beritahu orangnya tinggalkan kehidupan regresif, bersikap positif!
Tapi tuan oi, macam mana nak positif, duit da tak cukup,
Bukannya saya suka hidup begini!
Saya kerja siang malam pagi petang
Apalah si baju putih ni, belajar tinggi-tinggi pun macam gini…

“Mari kita bersama Mendaki,” dia kata
Tapi kamu semua jadi Pak turut,
Aku ketua berfolio,
Aku cakap, kau ikut,
Kau tak ikut, kau nahas,
“Marilah kita bersama Mendaki,” dia kata lagi
Apalah si dia ni, kata wakil rakyat, tetapi dia buat macam rakyat itu dia yang punya…

Hai Mahmud, Mahmud, kau ada pengganti rupanya…
Dulu kau pakai baju kuning, tetapi dia dah tukar warna baju la…
Daulat tuanku, permintaan patik harap diampun

Kita memang orang yang kaya sejarah,
tetapi kita tandus ketua yang adil segala,
Di segenap nusantara semuanya sama,
Yang bertakhta bermaharajalela di atas katil mutiara

Kita ada cerdik pandai,
Tetapi bukan semuanya pandai kemasyarakatan,
Banyak yang mengejar impian,
Lari daripada realiti golongan yang sukar mengutarakan kesengsaraan

Kita ada cerdik pandai
yang pada zahirnya kaya kehidupan,
kaya materialisme dan kesijilan
Tetapi papa perihal sifat kemanusiaan 

Kita kaya kepapaan

Semalam kita bersua

di perkarangan gedung berkaca

teruna dara bersenda

mesra menerima kuliah

dari ibu dari bapa

dari saudara sekeluarga

dari teman senada

manusia dewasa

pemupuk maya dijiwa

Kkuntum-kuntum berwarna


Semalam kite bertenaga

sama mencipta arca secita

berbicara kepada remaja

dara mutiara

teruna mestika

pendukung cita arca tercipta


Hari ini

dalam kesibukan datang pergi

musim bergilir ganti

iklim mendenyut nadi:

kita berpisah dalam seribu gundah

senyum menguntum pelindung hati berdarah

merah-menghias wajah

melepas ibu penuh bermegah

berhijrah ke daerah bertuah

dengan sekalung bunga bermadah


Recently, I took up an invitation to train a group of Special Needs kids dikir for a Maulidul Rasul performance. It was with some representatives from the NUS Female Dikir team. In view of the part time stint, no payment was asked and it was done with sincerity.

I came highly motivated in wanting to reach out to a group of kids that I have never directly handle and to do my little bit for them. But somehow the first training left a somewhat negative first impression, not with the kids, their enthusiasm was wonderful, but with some of the representatives from the school: the administration to be exact. I shant divulge what exactly happened, but all I can say is that as a person receiving someone who is performing a service for his/her charges, due clarity and honesty is needed so as to avoid miscommunication or a lack of professionalism. So because of that for the next 2 weeks, I left the kids alone, leaving them to their teachers, and for the final week I left them to one of the female trainers, who called me up at home and told me that she needed help. That was a day before the performance.

I’m ashamed cos it took me that point to realise that in reacting to a lack of professionalism by the school’s administration, I myself reacted with a distinct lack of professionalism. Nevermind if it was for free, nevermind if the the liaising person was not clear and concise in his instructions; I have inevitably left the kids alone to fend for themselves. Where is that supposed stoical sense of responsibility that some of my friends claim that I have. Where is that want to help whenever I’m able, come what may.

Perhaps I’ve been so incensed with the ineptness in current batches that I grew cynical and critical at every little thing, but do the kids deserve the slight? Hell no man.

I’m ashamed thus for allowing myself to be misdirected by the nitty gritties and indirectly be blinded away from the greater good.

Shame on me.

Pada dahulu kala, ada beberapa ekor kera muda yang memulakan perjalanan mereka ke sebuah destinasi baru.

Sebelum itu, mereka diberikan duit dan diberikan nasihat dan tunjuk ajar oleh kera2 tua yang telah melalui perjalanan tersebut sebelumnya, dengan harapan harta pusaka dan nasihat pujangga yang diturunkan akan diambil buat pedoman.

Matlamat ada, semangat ada, maka mulalah perjalanan mereka, melaung perwira, mendabik dada, semangat membara.

Kera-kera muda ini, kera moden, ada ‘handphone’, ada wifi.

Satu hari, beberapa ketuanya menerima panggilan dari kera yang lama yang bertanya, ‘Kera2 sudahkah kamu merancang dengan baik intisari dan arah tujuan mu?’

Si kera muda lancang menjawab, ‘Kamu menanya saya tentang bagaimana hendak merancang? Saya? Teraju unggul sekian alam?’

(Baiklah nak, suka hati ko, asalkan jangan tidak endah nasihat hamba sua)

1 bulan pun berlalu, si kera muda mula berbelanja dengan sewenangnya-wenangnya, mula hilang arah tujuan, namun sifat bongkak masih ada, hidung tinggi, setinggi-tinggi singapore flyer.

Kera tua menalipon sekali lagi,”Semua ok nak? Arah tuju? Ada masalah? Kami sudi menolong”.

Masih dengan nada gagah,”Adalah masalah sikit, tapi bukan salah kita, barang di sinilah mahal sangat, dan tempat nya terlalu gelap, tak nampak mana kita pergi. Tapi semua ok, jangan khuatir.”

(Hai si kera muda ini, asal cari alasan yang lain? Tak akan la satu benda pun bukan salah mereka sendiri? Ada ke tidak nasihat kita diambil? hhmmm……)

2 bulan berlalu, kini si kera2 muda sudah dihampir penghujung nyawa mereka, duit hampir lesap, tenaga makin berkurang.

Si kera tua menalipon lagi,”Kami risau, ada apa yang boleh dibantu. Maaf kerana terkasar kadang2, atau tertajam sangat marahnya, tetapi apa nak buat kalau cakap dengan baik, nasihat dengan baik, tak masuk diajar? Kami ingin tolong, kalau ada masalah beritahulah, kami hanya mahu yang terbaik.”

Meraka menjawab, separuh ‘defensive’, separuh pasti,”Hmmmm, semua ok. Jangan khuatir. Sambutlah kami ketika pulang nanti ye.”

(hmmmm… alhamdullilah, semuanya nampak baik)

Maka pulanglah mereka.

Tinggal setengah sahaja. Yang termuda, lemah lesu dek harus mengangkat beg2 yang lebih tua sedikit dari mereka. Dan bagi yang tua sedikit hanya segilintir yang masih meneraju. Duit sudah habis, perjalanan sudah tamat, tetapi matlamat telah lama hilang ditelan kedegilan diri yang menyalahkan semua orang kecuali dirinya, yang membina tipu helah bahawa semua ‘fine and dandy’ padahal dibawahnya kemelut membara.

Si tua, menggelengkan kepala.

(Nasihat telah diberi, tatkala diberikan dengan baik, tatkala diberikan dengan sindiran, tatkala diberikan dengan tajam duri, namun masih tak jalan juga? Nak buat apa lagi eh? Tangan dihulur, ditolak pergi. Time and support given, we were shown mediocrity. Riches and resources given, spent through whim and fancy. Concern shown, we were replied all fine and dandy.)

(Ye la tu nak. BODOH SOMBONG tak bertempat. Gasak kau la eh, da besar panjang, masuk telinga kiri, keluar telinga kanan)

Sometimes saying I told you so just wouldnt do.

(Haiz, kawan aku kata ‘you must learn to let go, let them pick up their own slack. You did all you can’. Itu saya setuju, Tapi kan, takkan nak biarkan macam bangkai bernyawa sei. kalau situasinya macam satu tahun yang lalu, aku gembira sei tinggalkan tempat ini, tetapi alamak terpaksa lanjutkan pelajaran di sinilah, lantas terpaksalah prihatin tentang kejadian2 di sini)

Lalu, seorang lagi kera tua berkata, ‘kita harus berbincang dan menolong mereka untuk mengelolakan acara2 akhir yang akan datang ini. Mereka, kami dan kamu, semua masih cinta tempat ini. Jadi marilah kita usahakan sama-sama. Tunjukkan mereka yang tinggal bahawa kita di samping mereka’

(Aduhai, semangat betul orang2 lama ini. Kasih betul mereka. Haiz, tapi AKU ini da 4 tahun di tempat ini. Nasihat sudah, turun acara mereka pun sudah, tolong pun ada sak. Tetapi Masih bodoh sombong, degil tak bertempat. haiz, kini masa korang la. Teman seperjuanganku seorang tu yang amat kuhormati telah lama meninggalkan tempat ini, aku rasa aku pun harus ikut, kalo tidak sampai bila sei. Pasti kera2 tua yang lain, yang lebih muda dari aku sedikit akan cuba menolong. Mereka berwibawa. Biarkanlah mereka tolong si kera2 muda itu.)

(Tsk tsk tsk… haiz kalo ketua-ketuanya mendengar nasihat dan tidak bodoh sombong mungkin takkan ginilah jadinya. Tetapi kan takda orang tahu la eh. Tengok sahajalah)

Shall I divulge to you dear awards organiser, the highs that we as an organisation, has achieved the past few years, and the gargantuan efforts needed to reach it. That you blatantly ignored, or worse’ couldnt care less to find out what this organisation has done thus far, with its limited pool of individuals, and with that extra effort needed to convince potential sponsors on the efficacy of our aims.

Yet you decide to honour those who did precious little, if compared to individuals who toiled year in year out. That you in your high perch up that tree of ignorance brazenly say that its a celebration of student achievement in various fields, but yet as I got to know of who actually receive those awards, I could name you 10 individuals from this organisation who did as much, and half of which who definitely did more.

Shall I list down the events that we did and explain to you in detail our achievements, or should you make it your concern to honour those who truly deserves to be honoured. Most of us do what we do with sincerity, but even with sincerity, it wholy unfair to see such lack of effort and blatant ignorance in commending excellence.

I will fight here and now, to try and make sure that you show at least a modicum of effort and fairness, if not for the current warriors of PBMUKS and MS, then for its future. Honour those who deserves to be honoured. Put them on a pedestal along with those who rightly deserves to be positioned there. I will articulate this concern, that’s the least I can do.

Disclaimer: For those who may get the wrong idea, this entry is related to the committee that organised the commencement ceremonies this year and not to any upcoming PBM events. Kindly note.