I have gotten the hang off the Meet the People Sessions in Marsiling. For the past 2 months, the weekly visits is something that I have been looking forward to. I enjoy the conversations with the applicants and within this noble endeavour too, I feel blessed knowing like minded, driven and more often than not, selfless individuals who dedicate part of their time into helping others.

That said, the session for last week dating 6th February turned out to the most poignant of all. An applicant was inside the office with Mr. Hawazi and I was outside, done for the day. Her daughter was at the back of Mr. Hawazi’s room, looking down while her mum was tearing away.

I signaled to the little girl to come out. She did, albeit hesitantly. I think for that moment, I wanted to direct her attention away from whatever was going on inside. I talked to her about her school, her siblings. She was the youngest, and when I asked kena buli selalu ah ni? She smiled and said ‘a’ah, selalu’. She was shy at first, but slowly started opening up. But then Maly told me that Mr. Hawazi wanted me to come into the room. Hesitantly, I said goodbye to the little girl, her mum was coming out of the room.

In Mr. Hawazi’s office, I soon got to know about the family’s situation. It was heart wrenching and inside, I almost tired. This is the life I want to lead. For those who are able, financially, academically or etc, with sincerity, then it is your duty to help those in need; if not based on the tenets or our religion, then base it on humanity and morality.