With new year comes new resolutions and for this year, I make one with the tacit and loving influence of a close friend.

I have made many incendiary criticisms towards certain individuals, that in one way or another, either lack that sense of responsibility or certain alleged deficiencies that becomes fodder for banter and ‘bitchiness’. Of course, for most times, these individuals becomes the focus of many because of such widespread ‘infamousness’.

That said, with her goading and continuous advice for want of a better person, I think it would be a noble aspiration indeed to first limit this criticality against individuals, even if they utterly deserve it, before going on to ultimately remove it altogether. She has really been my moral compass and the magnet for moderation, especially during times where I get utterly incensed by the actions, or sometimes in action of some, or the hypocrisy and plasticity of others.

Circa 2 weeks into the new year, I have managed to resist joining circle of friends in condemning several much loved targets. And if  there is really a need too, I guess it’s best to deconstruct the issue in an academic and rational manner, even though sometimes that very issue incites the most primal of your emotions. Whether the solution is considered and accepted is recourse to their level of egoism and rationality. Ultimately, we cant always choose who we want to work with, so why not we let them be and at the same time enhance our tolerance level. Amin