Yesterday, I treated 3 of my office bearers to lunch at Pizza Hut. Individuals that has stood stoically by the project even at the most trying of times.

That GESL experience was easy at times and also difficult in others. For some, you see that their want to help a particular section of community that is in need drives them to work that extra mile, or it was simply because responsibility is one of the tenets they stand by. For some though, it might seem as a hassle, and extra workload that they could do without.

I see similarities with the work that some of us did in PBMUKS and the objectives that we set for ourselves. The only difference in status is that GESL was a compulsory activity in NIE while joining PBMUKS wasnt.

Of course there were times that I felt like attacking certain individuals for trying to break the morale and the momentum of the team just because they feel that their ego was battered or that they did not get what they want. But at times too, I glowed at the enthusiasm shown by most, if not all of the team members.

Comparatively, our GESL activity was by far one of the most comprehensive and well thought out plan among the other GESL groups.

1) The sharing session with representatives from SCS
2) The preparatory team bonding activies
3) The Night Cycling Event proper
4) Post Event Reflections with the participants

All in all, I think the team did a helluva great job and I’m somewhat thankful that the people who did stepped up were the right ones. Thank god for that.

Its not over yet though, there is still the final report to settle and also the Post Event Closure and Presentation to conduct and prepare for.