Why do we have the chronic need to present a multitude of our photos on facebook, friendster and our blogs? Sometimes monthly, sometimes weekly, and more rarely on a daily basis.

Why is there a need to detail where we go, who we drank with, or what we did to a greater public?

Also, MSN nicks never fails to amuse me. Refer to the examples below:

1) For the past 10 days I’ve had dinner with a different group of friends every time
– do one feels so inadequate so much so that there is a need to prove to the whole world the adequacy of self

2) Busy. DO not disturb
– if you do not wish to be disturbed then do not come online or just appear offline. Just a click of the button.

Why do we do all this? This exhibition of our very lives, from chronic photo uploaders to the occasional ones.

I think at the end of the day, while there is that niggling need to show how colourful our lives are, how ‘happening’ and how vibrant our circle of friends is, there may also be that want to show your appreciation to friends that you hold dear. That apart from the narcissistic tendencies of various denominations in all of us, we have that Hall of Fame that we create in our own quaint little world, for those dear to us.

That said, they say a picture paints a thousand words. You might have one of 5 couples smiling and posing together for Raya.

The Interpretation at face value: It is a group of close knitted friends who shares good chemistry with each other


The Viable alternative: A patchwork of common friends put together just for the sake of a massed couple outing. Tension could be simmering between them behind those smiles and etc etc.

So you see my friends, it has come to a point that sometimes the colourfulness of one’s life is perhaps judged by some people through the variety of one’s exploits via photos uploaded. It is a truly truly sad day then when a lifetime of greatness is measured only by that mili second that it takes to capture a photograph.

But perhaps I should upload more photos…. Just to be on the safe side

But then again….

Who cares…