As of 7th December, I have officially moved out of the much loved Warren Residence that I have been living in for the past 5 to 6 years.

That place holds much memories. The BBQs that was held with friends, be it long time buddies, the occasional birthday parties, PBM gatherings and even the much rarefied Mendaki Staff BBQ that my dad asked me to help in.

Then there was the gym/swimming sessions (oh how I wished I did more of those sessions. If only I had managed to get my lazy butt of the comfy sofa of the living room, I might not have the double chin that I have now.

Then there were those times where buddies gathered at the living room to watch the matches of EPL, big or small, and on how I cringed in agony when the Arsenals, Liverpools, Man U’s that they support pick up win after wins, while my beloved Newcastle destroy themselves to oblivion.

The Warren has been a much adored place of residence, with an insanely short distance from basic amenities, malls and transport centres.

Thus in this 100th post, I pay grand tribute to you which has accomodated me lovingly thus far. You will be missed